The first apartments for professional rent management were submitted to us in the mid 1990s. At that time, we were mainly dealing with real estate trading.

Since then, step by step and year after year, collecting experience and knowledge, we became experts in investing and managing real estate intended for rent.

Today, with 25 years of experience working in the field of real estate, we combine the role of a supervisor of the rented real estate with the role of an intermediary. Knowledge and experience let us optimize the process and reduce costs. We have developed schemes and standards of real estate management.

Our experience in brokerage pays off with being able to rent any real estate quickly.

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Years of Experience in the management of tenancy

For all these years we have encountered the majority of problems related to professional care over rented apartments. Thanks to this knowledge, we have developed safe rent management procedures for every possibility but, above all, we have learnt to avoid trouble.

Today, we have very detailed procedures covering all aspects of rental apartments management. We have an efficient settlement department and on-going premises inspection department. Every real estate has its own, individual supervisor, therefore the owner of the real estate entrusted to us, can settle all matters directly with one person.

We work with tried-and-tested and reliable specialists. As regarding the tax and legal matters, we work with relevant law firms. Thanks to the established legal expertise, we guarantee safe rent of any premises entrusted to us.

Over the last 20 years the real estate market has changed, and so the expectations of lessees. To adjust the appearance of real estate managed by us to the current market standards, we will professionally prepare the real estate for rent; We carry out transformations and metamorphosis of real estate and styled photo sessions which are to differentiate our offer and increase their attractiveness. Apart from styling the real estate for rent, we offer complex repairs of the real estate intended for rent. We provide and supervise technical crews, supply proper furniture and equipment.

Since 2022, our main office has been operating in a tenement house at Miodowa 1 in Warsaw. We have been developing and working in a well-integrated and dynamic team, which makes caring over the entrusted real estate stable.

Daily practice and recommendations from our clients show that we successfully combine experience and substantial professional knowledge with dynamism and energy as well as with openness to rapidly changing realities of the contemporary world.

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