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Do you have any questions? Do you want to discuss lease management? Call: Marek Kosior +48 504 760 845

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Do you have any questions? Do you want to discuss lease management? Call: Marek Kosior +48 504 760 845

or fill out the contact form

Benefit from our experience when investing in real estate.

For many years searching for bargain offer on the market, we support and help to create investment portfolios for real estate intended for lease

In times when investing in various kinds of funds and playing the stock market becomes risky, and the profitability of bank deposits is very low, it is worth thinking about a more stable and effective form of investment.

Let’s talk about investing in real estate: +48 504 760 845

Six reasons why it is worth investing in real estate for rental in Warsaw:

1. Annual profit from investment even up to 6%.

Ensuring proper source of financing for investments in real estate as well as liquidity and continuity in lease, we can achieve a profit that is even three time as big as the one from bank deposits. At the same time not bearing the risk typical for stock exchange investments (or investing in other financial instruments). To achieve such a result, it is worth thinking about using the services of a professional company dealing with management of real estate for rental. How to check the profitability of your investment? The method  is very simple. Annual profit from leasing the real estate should be divided by the amount of the invested capital and multiplied by 100%. It should be remembered to subtract from income from rent 2% of value added tax from civil law actions upon purchase, notary costs, any possible remuneration of the brokerage office (normally 2-3%+ VAT) , cost of the credit, any possible vacant spaces and arrears in rent, property tax, tax from revenues from rent, cost of insurance, any possible repairs and improvements. The received value will be our annual return on investment (ROI) expressed in %. And so, for instance, when it comes to an apartment worth PLN 500,000, which generates annual income of PLN 30,000, return rate will amount to 6% (30000: 500000 x 100 = 6%%).


Knowing this, it is easy to compare it with proposals of bank deposits, bonds, etc. Investing in real estate intended for rent, provided that we also ensure a proper rent management, is a safe and profitable way to generate additional income.

2. Permanent monthly income in the form of net rental fee.

If we also ensure a proper handling of rent of the real estate, we can count on a regular monthly revenue. There are different methods of determining rent. In our opinion, rent for the rented real estate should be at the level ensuring safe continuity of lease. This means that, It should be attractive from the point of view of the lessee. For each real estate, the monthly fee will be different. The profitability and the economic point of renting the real estate should be considered only in a long-term perspective, min.  8 / 10 years. Assuming such a point of view, it is strategically and economically justified to set rent at the level slightly below the average market prices for a particular type of real estate. Continuity of lease will guarantee proper revenue and satisfactory profitability anyway. Attractive price naturally causes a larger interest of the lessees as well, and therefore enables a proper selection of the most responsible partners for rent. Such a strategy determines not only the financial success but also considerably influences the safety of lease. This provides a real possibility to select (from among many) the best lessees.

3. The still growing rental rates of real estate.

Average prices of rent in Warsaw between December 2012 and December 2015
Area [sq. m] December 2012 December 2013 December 2014 December 2015 Year-to-year change
0-38 1465 1680 1807 1984 14% / 6% / 10%
38-60 2147 2348 2518 2799 9% / 7% / 11%
60-90 3034 3362 3517 4015 11% / 5% / 14%

Source: on the basis of the data collected from

4. The still growing real estate prices in a long-term perspective.

Investing in real estate is one of the safest and most effective forms of investing free capital. In a long-term perspective, prices of real estate never drop. Over the last several years, real estate prices in Poland have been growing on a regular basis. Despite crises and difficulties (as in 2008), after a period of adjustments and standstill, there is always further growth taking place.

5. The still growing real estate leasing market in Warsaw.

In a city such as Warsaw, real estate leasing market is very dynamic. Warsaw is a city which is a continuously developing metropolis and the largest urban centre in Poland. There is over three million people living, learning and working in the capital and its suburbs. Among them, there is a tremendous amount of incoming lessees, including 250,000 students learning at 78 universities and employees working in over 250,000 companies. Warsaw is a city that never lacks lessees: students looking for rooms or apartments, families looking for a convenient two-/three-room accommodation and employees holding high positions searching for prestigious suites in attractive neighbourhoods. By choosing a proper strategy and providing adequate handling of rent of the real estate, we can count on long and stable lease contracts because, in Warsaw, it is guaranteed by a tremendous quantity of potential lessees.

6. It is dependent solely on your decision to “exit” the investment.

Sometimes, various life situations force us to restrict our investment portfolio. Often this involves the need to terminate a bank deposit, sale shares or one of the owned real estate. In the first two cases, it usually entails the risk of substantial financial losses. In the case of real estate for rent, only you decide when and on what terms you want to restrict your investment portfolio, at the same time reducing the possible loss to the minimum.

How to invest smartly?

When making the decision to select a real estate intended for rent, it is important to be aware of its scale. It is this decision that our profits will depend on in the future years. When selecting an apartment for rent, it is imperative not to follow emotions and one’s own taste. The truth is that whether we like the apartment is of no importance, after all, it is not us who is going to live there. We need to consider only those parameters which affect the profitability and quality of our investment. Location, price, anticipated annual net profit from rent

  Here is what you should pay attention to when selecting the real estate for rent:

  • Location, location and once again location
  • Any costs associated with real estate management, including operational costs
  • State of water installation, sewerage, ventilation, electrical system
  • Neighbourhood of the building and apartment
  • Apartment standard
  • Type of the real estate and year of construction
  • Floor on which premises is located
  • Number of rooms and opportunities for reconstruction
  • Garage, parking place, compartments, basements, lifts
  • Facade, staircase and condition of the building

What can we do for you?

  • We can find the most appropriate real estate to purchase for rental
  • We will assess each proposal
  • We will safely conduct the process of purchase of the real estate for rent
  • We will take care of all formalities so that you have nothing to worry about
  • We will prepare a lease strategy appropriate for the purchased real estate
  • We will include your real estate in the rent management program
  • If you do not live in Warsaw, we will carry out the whole procedure without your presence, based on appropriate powers of attorney

What is real estate lease management?

It is a professional care over the entrusted real estate for rent. This service is addressed to all real estate owners who want to entrust it to professionals, e.g. due to their place of residence, quantity of owned premises, lack of time or lack of patience for continuous solving of problems related to handling the real estate lease. Read more…Experience gained throughout the years along with developed standards and professional staff allows us to provide top-level services. Every real estate for rent has its dedicated supervisor who watches over a safe and peaceful course of lease.

  The management service offered by us includes:

  • preparing the apartment for lease
  • conducting appropriate lessees selection
  • preparing and signing of a safe and complete lease contract
  • regularly inspecting the apartment and the lessees throughout the effective term of the contract
  • technical care over the apartment, namely controlling and removing any faults
  • control of payments under the lease contract and administrative charges
  • based on the proper power of attorney representing the owner before lessees, offices and institutions in situations related to the implementation of the contract of management
  • analysis and optimization of all fees related to the use and lease of real estate


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