The purpose of home staging service is to make the best possible first impression on the largest number of watching clients and, thus, reduce to the minimum the vacancy period and rent or sale of the real estate for the highest possible price.

Home staging is meant to stimulate the buyer's or lessees' imagination; it is supposed to make the real estate prepared by us seem unique in their eyes.

The purpose of home staging is to emphasize all the advantages of the real estate, but also determine its weaknesses which will be neutralised as a result of a number of actions.

This service combines the elements of decorating works, marketing, sale and psychology. Sometimes it is enough to style and carry out a professional photo shoot, sometimes it is necessary to undertake minor renovation and decoration works and to style, and sometimes bigger renovation works are required.

The condition to carry out home staging is its profitability for the real estate owners and its justification in the price of rent or sale.

Who is home staging service for?

  • for all owners of real estate intended for sale or rental;
  • for real estate owners who haven't been able to find a buyer or a lessee for a longer period of time;
  • for people who want to differentiate their offer from hundreds of others;


Home staging is more effective than reducing the real estate prices. You can only make a good impression once! It is worth ensuring that the client feels good the moment they enter

Why is it worth using our home staging service?

  • knowledge of real estate market will allow us to objectively assess the value of your real estate. Its advantages and defects!
  • we know that emotions influence our decisions! We will ensure that your property evokes positive emotions and the client is offered with a ready solution.
  • we know that clients watching the property often do not know or do not have sufficient imagination to picture what it could look like, or do not have the time to implement adjustments;
  • we know how to present your real estate! It is often the case that the mess, personal belongings lying around or lack of decor extend the process of rental or sale! The more interesting the presentation is, the greater likelihood that the client views your real estate.

How we work?

  • We offer you a meeting free of charge during which we will determine the potential of the real estate and assess its advantages and defects; you will be able to say what your expectations are! Quick sale or rental with lower financial expense or raising the value of the real estate through our actions and obtaining a higher price? During that meeting we will talk about our proposals and suggestions to solve the problems.
  • We can also prepare a written report after the first visit, containing diagnosis of our home staging specialist along with the analysis of problems and suggestions as to the changes and repairs (colours, furniture, additives and other solutions). Such a report will let you introduce changes on your own!
  • Because we act comprehensively and each real estate is treated individually, you can commission the whole process, starting from a diagnosis, through analysis, and ending with execution! Our home staging consultant will prepare a diagnosis of the real estate, along with the proposed changes and interior design, as well as prepare the estimate of costs expected for the works and purchases, and basing on your acceptance, will carry out the entire process into its completion!

We can also prepare the apartment for a professional photo shoot, including styling; we will prepare a complete offer of the real estate along with guidelines for the person presenting the real estate or we will present it ourselves.

We want your real estate to stand out from among many others, therefore we suggest a professional styled photo shoot! Remember, the more interesting the presentation is, the greater interest and possibility of a quicker transaction!

The choice of the scope of services belongs to you!

We use tried-and-tested suppliers and contractors, and we always take care of financial security of our Clients.

Benefits arising from our services:

  • Comprehensive approach. We carry out the entire process of introducing changes. We take care of your real estate up to the moment of introducing the lessee or sale.
    Tested solutions. We work with credible suppliers and contractors. We keep a fixed budget.
  • Saving time and money. We have been involved in organizing purchases, coordinating transport and contractors. Your real estate will be cleaned . We care for economic solutions owing to a group of suppliers working together. We keep the agreed time of project completion.
  • The cost of preparing the real estate is lower than the cost of lowering its price, and a well prepared real estate is sold or rented quicker.
  • Good and attractive presentation increases the number of inquiries!
  • Real estate gains a new attractive look!