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Do you have any questions? Do you want to discuss lease management? Call: Marek Kosior +48 504 760 845

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Do you have any questions? Do you want to discuss lease management? Call: Marek Kosior +48 504 760 845

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Lease management in Warsaw – Flat Leasing Services
Fiesta Zarządzanie Najmem Sp. z o.o.

darek-klosinski-photoDear Customers, my name is Dariusz Kłosiński, I have been connected with the real property market for over twenty-five years.

Investing in and taking care of properties intended for lease are the primary goals of my business.


Based on my personal and professional experience connected with managing flats for lease, I can recommend myself and my team as credible and skilled managers of flats for rent, as well as our services involving professional management of leased properties.

As an owner of leasable properties, I know how important it is to entrust the management of a flat for rent to a reliable partner.

The combination of private and professional experience has created solid foundations for our business and has resulted in an effective business strategy regarding property lease management.

I believe that the simplest way to succeed as a provider of lease management services is to treat the properties entrusted to us like our own. We look after the flats and care about their profitability as if we were their owners. This approach is reflected in our rule that we only charge the lease management fee if the property is actually leased. Still, lease management services are provided throughout the whole term of the lease management contract.

In the Fiesta Lease Management service, we make money either together with the owner or not at all.

Personal and individual treatment of every real property entrusted to us has become the foundation of my success and the success of Fiesta Zarządzanie Najmem Sp. z o.o.

What do we mean by lease management?

We start managing a property by professionally preparing it for lease. If necessary, property owners may count on our support in terms of the required additional works, such as extra equipment, home staging or even general remodelling works.

We see lease management not only as administering the property and ensuring a stable and safe lease but also as business optimisation of the whole process. Taking care of many, sometimes seemingly minor, details at the same time makes renting efficient and results in an actual increase of earnings from the property. Such actions guarantee better safety and stability of rental.

By working with us and implementing our suggested standards of lease management you may avoid many costly mistakes usually made by owners of properties for lease. Besides, this saves your time, gives you peace of mind and brings measurable financial benefits.


You will not regret trusting us.

Dariusz Kłosiński

Fiesta Zarządzanie Najmem Sp. z o.o.

FAQ / During our meetings, you usually have the following questions…

Is a commission charged from the owners when the tenants (the first one and the subsequent ones) are moving in?

No, we do not charge commission at the initial or any subsequent lease agreement. The only charge is the percentage-based fee, usually not above 10%, charged only if real property is leased. The fee is not affected by the number of lease contracts signed with subsequent tenants under the lease management contract. So we do not charge commission from the real property owners at any point of lease management (a single starting fee is charged at the beginning of our business relationship).

Can I handle the formalities connected with submitting the flat for lease without coming to Warsaw/Poland?

Yes, this should not be a problem. Many of our customers have ordered our lease management services for their properties remotely. What we need to be able to manage the lease of properties is a power of attorney authorising us to sign lease contracts and act on your behalf before authorities and institutions. Such a power of attorney can be issued at the nearest consulate or by a notary public. The power of attorney is only one of several things we need at the beginning of our business relationship. Detailed lists and procedures will be established between us.

Can the lease management service include tax settlement?

Yes, provided that this is a lump-sum settlement according to PIT28. Whoever chooses another tax settlement form (according to general principles), must do this one their own.

How do we find “the best tenants”?

Tenant selection is one of the crucial elements that determine effective and stable property lease management. Our search for the best tenants is a dual process. First and foremost we use thorough procedures to verify the tenant candidates. Every potential tenant must give us information about their personal and professional situation, which we subsequently verify. We use for instance a tenant form, with questions about the workplace, the position held, company and family contact details etc. The other way of finding appropriate and responsible tenants, independent from the procedures above, is working with reputable companies from the media & TV, advertising, insurance and financial industries who search for attractive high-standard accommodation for their employees. These companies often guarantee safe and stable performance of their employees’ lease contracts.

Does our company help to set an appropriate price for a flat?

Yes, of course we do. We use our 20 years of experience to help establish optimum rent for the properties we manage. The strategy is rooted in the principle that a property cannot / should not stay vacated because a month without rent means losses that cannot be compensated for. The price of the real property is based on the following factors: location, standard of finishing, technology and building workmanship standard, neighbourhood, season of the year etc. Considering all these elements, we attempt to establish the optimum monthly rent together with the owner.

What monthly rent should be charged for my flat?

We believe that the amount of rent for a house / flat / another property should guarantee safe continuity of the lease. This means it should be attractive for the tenant. The monthly payment will be different for every property. The profitability and business purpose of renting a property should only be analysed in a long time horizon, of 5/10 years. With such an approach, it is strategically and economically justified to set the rent slightly below the market prices for a particular type of property because the continuity of lease will guarantee proper income and satisfactory profitability. An attractive price obviously generates greater interest on the part of tenants and thus allows us to choose the most responsible lease partners. No only does such a strategy lead to financial success but also has a tremendous impact on the safety of a lease because we are actually able to choose the best tenants (from a bigger group).

Do we manage commercial properties?

Yes, of course we do. Our company manages the leasing of all types of properties. We manage the leasing of premises intended for shops, restaurants, offices and any other commercial space, including land. We provide professional services for all types of leasable real properties.

Is it possible to avoid a troublesome and bothersome tenant?

Yes. But definitely according to the rule that “prevention is better than cure.” Important decisions should never be made in a hurry. After all, letting our house or flat to strangers is an important decision. You can read more in our article A Troublesome, Bothersome Tenant.

In what cities do you provide the lease management service ?

We provide the comprehensive property lease management and administration service in Warsaw, Cracow and Kielce. We are planning to expand the business by including Poland’s other big cities: Wrocław, Poznań, Katowice, Szczecin, Łódź, and the Tricity (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot).

How much is the flat lease service (lease management) ?

We have included a precise answer to this question in the article Lease Management, Price List, Price. How Much Should Be Charged for Flat Lease Services?



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