Managing short-term rentals in Kraków

Fiesta Zarządzanie Najmem Sp. z o.o. provides the service of managing short-term rentals of apartments and suites in Kraków.

The offer is addressed to the owners of apartments in Kraków who would like to intend them for short-term rental (the so-called rental per day) and includes:

  • assistance in preparing the rental strategy, determining the prices, displaying and promoting the offer on websites
  • management of bookings
  • issuing keys and transferring the premises to the lessees
  • preparing the apartment for rent each time (cleaning, washing)
  • technical control of the premises and troubleshooting on a current basis
  • settlement and control of the lease

By entrusting the handling of short-term rental of your apartment to Fiesta Zarządzanie Najmem Sp. z o.o. you gain:

  • an experienced partner knowing the market in Kraków for years
  • high return on investment
  • comprehensive range of services
  • professional consulting
  • peace of mind

It is worth starting cooperation

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    Also, the management service for long-term rentals (handling rentals) in Fiesta Zarządzanie Najmem Sp. z o.o. is comprehensive and addressed to all owners of apartments, houses and commercial premises meant for rental in Kraków.

    Professional care over the real estate includes all activities which ought to be taken care of by the owner of the apartment intended for rent in Kraków or its vicinity.

    If the real estate requires it, together with the owner, we determine the scope of additional works necessary to professionally prepare the apartment for rent as well as to produce an interesting presentation of the real estate, which is supposed to increase its attractiveness in the eyes of the clients.

    We ensure accurate and reliable selection and verification of lessees, conclude safe tenancy agreements, solve all technical and operational problems; we settle taxes related to the rented real estate.

    The scope of the professional care over the rented real estate in Kraków is determined individually each time depending on the needs and expectations of the client.

    Our responsibilities under the comprehensive management of renting real estate in Kraków are being carried out throughout 365 days a year and 24h per day and they consists of the following activities:

    • professional preparation of the apartment to transfer it for rental management
    • conducting reliable selection and verification of lessees
    • preparing and signing of a safe and complete lease contract
    • transferring income from lease to the owner along with the report
    • regular inspection of the rented apartment and lessees throughout the effective term of the contract for rental management
    • technical care over the apartment, that is controlling and removing any faults
    • controlling and enforcing payments under lease contract as well as administrative charges
    • based on the appropriate power of attorney, representing the owner before the lessees, offices and institutions in situations related to the implementation of the contract of lease management
    • analysis and optimization of all fees related to the use and lease of real estate
    • proper completion of lease along with final settlement of utilities and deposit.

    Independent handling of the rented real estate is a time-consuming and complex process. By entrusting Fiesta Zarządzanie Najmem Sp. z o.o. with the care over the leased apartment, you will avoid most errors committed by real estate owners and, at the same time, increase the income earned with the real estate managed by us.

    Fee for lease management services is collected only when the real estate is leased and does not exceed 10% of monthly rent obtained from leasing the apartment. This fee involves all activities related to the lease service, and consequently, fees do not cover, e.g. getting to the premises.

    At the beginning of cooperation, when introducing the real estate into the lease market (drawing up acceptance reports, preparing photographic documentation, checking installations and technical condition of the premises, etc.) a one-time entry fee is collected. This fee is not related to real estate management and is collected only with the first lease contract. With subsequent lease contracts and when introducing subsequent lessees, the owner bears no additional costs.