What do references mean for the lessee? Why is it worth having them?

References from the previous lessor for the owners of apartments and companies involved in professional lease management, are one of the key elements influencing the process of evaluating credibility and selecting the potential lessee. For a person searching for an apartment for rent; for you, they are the argument indicating that it is worth entering into a lease contract with you.

In Fiesta Zarządzanie Najmem, upon expiry or termination of the lease contract, we issue written references to our lessees. They make you gain in the eyes of your future lessors. References issued by us inform them that you are known as a reliable person who conscientiously respects their obligations, which will allow them to trust you and will facilitate making a decision that it is you they will rent their apartment to.

Reference letter issued by us always contains information describing the way you have been using the rented real estate and contact details of the supervisor of a given apartment as well as of our company. As a result, a person who would like to rent their apartment to you will be able to call us and seek an opinion on you. They will gain additional information which will help them make a decision whether to sign the tenancy agreement with you.

If you want to rent an apartment for the first time and you do not have any references, you should be prepared to be asked by the owner or the rent managing company for contact details to your superior, friend or a family member – someone who can vouch for your reliability.

We always encourage our tenants, but also anyone who decides to rent an apartment, to suggest to the person renting the property to verify references received from us or persons they rented an apartment from before. Openness towards the potential lessor and encouraging them to obtain additional information and opinion about you will increase their trust and may considerably influence their decision to rent the apartment to you. The lessor alone, on the basis of one or two meetings, is unable to learn about you or other potential lessees to the extent we or previous lessors do due to sometimes many years of cooperation.

In our opinion, the position of the lessee who has good references is definitely stronger and comes across as a more reliable partner for future lessors. On the other hand, lessors having credible information on the future lessee may select their partners more accurately when renting premises. Credible references issued to lessees, on the one hand, are an element organizing the rental market and, on the other, significantly increasing its safety.